One thing is clear, nothing can work without software. Software is the core of (almost) every embedded system, and we even believe that software should also account for the value of a product. Because nothing is as flexible as the software. How can you make sure that flexibility is a blessing for you, and not a curse?


We have two answers to this question: experience and engineering. Nothing matters without experience - only those who have sufficient tools, know a variety of programming languages and have already accomplished numerous tasks are able to analyze the requirements of a new problem and to avoid possible set-backs further along the project. And for us, engineering is equally important to software development.


We believe that issues regarding quality assurance, the balance of requirements and product features, the management changes etc. are not answered by the programmer’s creativity, by a tool or by a process. What are we trying to tell you with this? The fact that we are not simply programmers with tools and process experience, but we also have an overview of how these skills can make your project highly qualitative, well planned and profitable. Give us a try! We develop the first design for your problem, non-binding for you.