Axel lite

AXEL LITE is the new top-class Single - Dual - Quad Core ARM Cortex-A9 CPU module by DAVE Embedded Systems based on the recent Freescale i.MX6 application processor. AXEL LITE offers great computational power and enables designers to create smart products with the best quality/price ratio. Smarter system designs are made possible, following the trends in functionalities and interfaces of the new, state-of-the-art embedded products. It is suitable for high volume applications such as Home automation, Portable solutions, Human machine interfaces and Industrial automation.


Sounds tempting but you lack the expertise? No worries, we are here for you. We can advise you from the requirements specification to the actual deployment, from the usage of these boards in aspects like tool-chain, operating system, software development, real-time aspects and hardware design


Among AXEL LITE key features:


  • Unmatched performances thanks to Single/Dual/Quad Core @ 1.2 GHz
  • All memories you need on-board
  • Boot from NOR for safe applications
  • Enabling massive computing applications thanks to wide range DDR3 RAM memory up to 2GB (For 4GB support please contact sales department)
  • Reduced carrier complexity: dual CAN, USB, Ethernet GB and native 3.3V I/O


For more details and for the technical specifications, please consult the manufacturer’s website.