Rsoc Framework


We have been working for a long time with XILINX ZYNQ and its associated ecosystem, and we are ready to offer you the advantage of using our experience. We are looking forward to answering your questions regarding the system design with Zynq, Linux support, asymmetric multiprocessing (AMP), interaction between the FPGA and the processor, as well as any other related questions you might have.


In addition, we can offer you an "out of the box” solution with the RSoC, one that is simple, flexible, robust, and provides an extensible interface between the FPGA and the processor of the ZYNQ chip. The RSoC Framework saves you the effort required for the tedious and error-prone incorporation into the Zynq peculiarities.

The RSoC Framework brings several advantages, among which:


  • speeds up the development on the embedded platforms;
  • mitigates the risk of errors;
  • is easy to use, customizable, generic and scalable;
  • is platform independent;
  • supports leading development tools.


The Framework consists of an RSoC Bridge — an IP core that addresses the FPGA specific issues — and of an RSoC Driver — a software component (Linux drivers) covering the communication with the hardware accelerated application modules (called accelerators) in the FPGA.


The below figure provides a rough overview of the principle: