System Kit

Who needs SystemKit?


You offer solutions in the areas of control engineering, automation engineering, test equipment or signal processing? You have questions concerning the topic "real-time"? You need a system that is flexible and can grow with your needs? You need a "Rapid Prototype" in order to get started with your software? Then SystemKit is what you need.


What is SystemKit?


1. SystemKit is a system on chip (SOC).


  • All interfaces, co-processors and the processor are integrated on a chip (die).

2. SystemKit is a middleware.

  • All hardware-related functions are abstracted by a powerful, standardized "inter-layer". Thus, the connection of external interfaces or co-processors is easy and quick, without detailed knowledge.

3. SystemKit has customer configurable interfaces.

  • Configure exactly the interfaces that you need.

4. SystemKit provides real time.

  • Real-time requirements in the range of µS or nS are encapsulated in their own real-time layers without increasing the complexity of the overall system.

5. SystemKit is an operating system (Linux).

  • Take exactly the features that you need from the extensive Linux ecosystem.

6. SystemKit is performant.

  • Resource critical tasks are outsourced to separate co-processors, thus reducing the system load.

In summary:


SystemKit combines a highly flexible hardware platform with a powerful middleware and a smart search engine environment. Take SystemKit as a foundation for your embedded products and concentrate entirely on your value-added applications.


Even more? SystemKit is also:


  • Supported

You define your requirements and we will put together a system that contains all the necessary drivers and tools you need for development. You can then just use SystemKit, while the complexity of the system is hidden to you.

  • Open

In case you have any additional requirements necessitating deeper interference's with the system or if you want to integrate SystemKit functions in your products, we are ready to support you based on a maintenance contract. This will allow you a complete insight into everything that happens under the hood.

  •  Favorable

SystemKit is based on standards and innovative technologies with enormous efficiency gains. This is reflected not only in quality, but also in price.

  • Scalable

Are you interested only in parts of the SystemKit? Alternatively, the "standard" SystemKit is not adequate for your requirements? Our software and hardware work on a modular basis, and therefore is extremely easy to adapt to different form factors and hardware environments.

  • Fit for the future

We are constantly working to integrate new ideas and requirements into our system. This means you can continue to benefit from innovative ideas and sophisticated concepts.